Mum says… big news!

Mum, why are there no friends in the dogpark? We have holidays, why don’t they come? What does she say? Maybe they have no holidays?

Mum, really, I don’t know what you are talking about! What does it mean “apporteren”? Oh, you throw the toy and I fetch it and I bring it to you?? Do you think that I think that is a good idea? Bring it to you? If the toy is for me, why should I bring it to you? Explain me that! Oh, you will throw it again? What for? To fetch it again and bring it to you?
My dogness, that is a bit silly, no? But if I can do you a pleasure to play this silly game with you, well, let’s try! 🙂

Okay, she throws. I’ll run after it! Now she calls me, I go to her, without the toy! Seems not be how it should be, I go back to fetch the toy. Now I run to mum.

Sit, Kita! Sit! In the hand!

Ohohoh, she has a treat? I sit. And then I give the toy in her left hand, I get the treat from her right hand! Mum is very pleased! Very pleased!

Well done, Kita!

She throws again? Think this must be the same procedure! Okay: run, fetch, run, sit, give it, treat. Think I like it a bit. ❤ Again and again, even without treats! And again… 6 times! Mum, this is enough! Enough is enough, this toy is mine! I stay here. 
What do I see? A little friend entering the dogpark? YES!

Toy is forgotten!

When we go home mum says this is quit some news… me bringing the toy to her, several times! Mum, listen, I’m a lady and I (sometimes) can behave like a lady, just to please you! 😉

By the way, mum was so impressed that she forgot to check the blinking thing. She tought she was filming, but she only has pics… You’ll have to dream the running! lol! 😉


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