72 hours… and we are still talking! :-)

Last saturday, my mum went to her groomer’s! When she comes back, she passes by a pet store and she buys the things we need, my grandpa and me! When she came home, she told a bizar story! She got presents for us… just like that! No, not just like that… A holy Man: Saint Nicholas, was in the petstore and gave presents to all clients! And just this time, I missed it! Normally I can come too! 😦

Anyway, the Holy Man gave me a new little friend! A chicken I can talk with! 🙂 That’s what I do now, whenever I think about it! Mums says that it are too many times… me thinking of my new little friend! I often play and talk with my new little friend!
Mum is surprised! Very amused too! Don’t know why… She keeps saying: already 72 hours this new talking friend is in the house and the little one is still talking :-)… and so is the lady… 😦

Mum took pics and made a very little film so you can hear our conversation! Maybe, you can translate for my mum?:-) She does not understand our interesting talks! 😦

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