Me?… The most ‘mindful’ aire-lady ever!

Mum, I told you, you did sleep too long this Saturday morning! On weekdays we are too early in the dogpark to see the friends and on Saturday we are too late! Okay, you’ll have to play with me! Will you? Yihaaaa!! Fine, she takes my toy to play with. I like that!

It rained a lot and the dogpark is very muddy! Very, very wet and very, very, very muddy! Never mind, my mum never complains: she has a pawplunger… although, with all my curls nowadays, it takes time to get me all clean! But we like the cleaning-ritual, don’t we, mum? 😉

Okay, mum trows the toy, I fetch and I bring it to her. I nicely sit, give it in her hand… and I get a tiny treat! Mum says my bringing skills are improving… But after eleven or twelf times, I like to do something else… 🙂 I want to climb in the tree with my toy.

Kita, no tree today. Too wet, too dangerous!

What? We’ll see that. Oh, that face of hers is quit severe! Mum, listen, I won’t run in the tree, I will gently and slowly walk on it. Waf! If I’m a very careful and mindful lady, I can go up? Wafwaf! You always say it isn’t that high anymore since the branches “cracked” and rest on the ground. Wafwafwoofwaf! Please, mum, I’ll be a good girl! Waf 🙂
Yes, I see it on her face, she hesitates, I go up! Very slowly and carefully and cautiously and mindfully and…! Okay, she smiles and she takes the blinking box, it’s okay! 😉 🙂

I’m a good negotiator! 🙂 And this time I do what I promised… I admit and I agree (again!): it was a bit dangerous…

    • Hey, dag andere bibmevrouw! Nee, hoor, niet alle honden klimmen graag, maar ik wel! 🙂 Mijn vrouwtje zegt dat ik in een vorig leven vast een kat of een berggeit ben geweest! 🙂 Alhoewel mijn vrouwtje soms wel bang is… 😉 Pootje en likje van Kita

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