Holly?… Mum, what’s that?

We go outside… We do not have a yard or a garden, we have a terrace… I’m a city-lady! Remember?

Since the colour-time began, we don’t sit anymore on the terrace: too cold, my mum says! It’s at the north-side of the house. Mum likes it very much on the very hot summerdays: no sun, cool air… I agree! Agree? Again? Oh, my dogness, mum and me, we become really very close, we often agree these days!
Anyway, it is getting a bit dirty because of the rain and the cold and mum is getting some plants inside!

At once, she is very, very pleased! I have to come and have a look! I don’t get it. She shows a little tree, with pricking leafs: holly she calls it. Don’t like it. Know it pricks since I was a pup! Has always been there, that holly-thing!
What does she say? Red berries at the tree? Never had that before, in all that time, in ten years?! Berries? Okay, interesting enough now to have a look! 🙂

No, mum, really, don’t repeat it that often! I will NOT eat these berries! Not that I don’t want to try 😉 … but the berries are very well protected by the pricking leafs… 😦 Will have a look under the tree instead! 😉


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