Kita enters the… Puppy Joy

Since long, I know my mum is a bit special, she has nice ideas but not the whole world thinks the same way… And now she is at the tv-typing-machine and she says: what on earth is this all about? A puppy-war? She does not understand so she asks another mum…

My mum is against War, she really is! Even if it is a puppy war, a little joke, meaning all puppies send their pics to the tv-typing-machine, she does not agree with the word: ALL pups are too cute for this War-Word!…
I’m a little anxious…Mum, you will send my pics, will you? Oh, she says, she will but she wants to name it differently, she says she will call it: Puppy Joy… that’s a lot more friendly and peaceful… and a lot more like puppies… Told you: mum is stubborn!! She wants it her way! SIGH… but she is looking for the pics! Yihaaaaaaa!
Really mum, you are stubborn but this time, I agree! 😉 Puppy Joy!

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