Can’t see it very well… but it is brand new!

What a stupid idea! No, to start with: it is a wonderful idea! Mum bought me a new collar! I was still wearing my puppy-collar! Tell me! I’m a lady now. So I get a new collar. I’m proud about that. Mum puts that brand new collar around my neck, a black waterproof one!

Mum, listen, nobody will see it! Can’t you wait to put it on? I have too many curls and furry coat now! My friends want see it! That’s a shame!
She is stubborn, my mum. She does not listen, silly idea to put it on now.
Well, they’ll have to wait for me showing my brand new collar… untill “t-day”! 😉 Then you will see it very good! 🙂


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