It was fun… but I do regret… :-(

When I think it’s time to go out and play and mum is doing something else that she thinks is more important… well, I amuse myself, as a good girl.
I have a big box with lots of toys in it. I take them one by one and and drag them to somewhere in the house. I like that. Some of these toys are there my whole life, so some are old and others are new.

One of the very old ones, is my little elephant. I got it when I was a baby! I remember it well 🙂 My little elephant talks to me. When I gently bite on it, it says: piep, piep, piep!
So, while mum was busy in the kitchen, I started playing with it. I run around, I talked (mum yelled I couldn’t bark inside though!) and little elephant did talk too! But then I started biting and biting and felt something special! Biting, biting, biting…

Kita, what are you doing? You’re so silent? What’s that????

I don’t look, I don’t hear… I bite, of course! YES! pieppeieppiep. YES!

Kita, los!

What is mum doing here? I have to ‘leave’ my elephant? Okay! A command is a command!
She seems upset! Oh, I see why. My elephant can’t talk anymore… There’s a hole in it! Poor little elephant… 😦 Mus says she’ll try to sew it, but it will be a silent elephant… So I cannot swallow something she calls a squeek or something…




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