Bad news and good news… circle of life!

Sometimes I tell you about my family! You know that! And as it is often in life, I have to tell bad news sometimes. About 10 months ago I had to tell you about my uncle Pol going to the Bridge.desmond12-240x324
Well today I have to tell you that my grandfather Desmond Van ’t Asbroek went to the Rainbow Bridge! 😦 He probably is making funny jokes now with my grandpa Lennox… They were really that kind of guys! 🙂

And surely he is looking with lots of love and proud to his great-grand-children and bluffing about them to my grandpa!

Just born babies! They are the babies of my cousin Many Roses, she is a granddaughter of my grandpa Desmond  too, you see! I know we have a big, complicated family! And my uncle Klassico (Chico for the friends) is the grandpa of the babies! 🙂
To difficult for you? I know, I am a genius in these family-things! 😉

But just have a look at these babies! Soooo cute! And so many!!! 11!!! Much more then expected! A few of the little guys still look for a later-on-home and mum and dad!

Look at the pics! Mum, listen carefully to me: I want a scarf like these little ones! What? Only for babies? I had one as a baby? And ladies don’t wear baby-scarfs, that’s true! 😉

What a day: my grandpa Des to the Bridge and then he has this 11 great-grand-children… My mum calls this THE CIRCLE OF LIFE…


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