Newsflash!!!… Another family-member on board at Hexe’s place


Who is who?

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Who is who?

Dear James

Well, I often tell my friends my family is big and very famous! You prove it again! I saw it immediatly when mum showed the pics on her tv-typing-machine! That’s one with Van ’t Asbroek-blood in his veins! You too have that typical Van ’t Asbroek-grin when you smile and you are happy. Your pedigree is the paper-work-prove! Your grandpa Sundance (Sunny for the friends) is my grand-grand-grandfather! No kidding! 🙂 ❤

I’m told you are a rescue like my grandpa Lennox and you are three years old too, just like my grandpa when he arrived with mum and dad. Grandpa used to say: that are the best buddies: the rescues of three years old! I suppose you are way smarter than my grandpa, being an airedale! hahahaha. No, grandpa, I don’t want to offend you! 😉

And believe me: you fell with your butt in the butter, guy! That’s a Dutch expression, cousin James, and it means that you are one of the luckiest guys ever! You came in the family of my good friend Hexe! She is a wonderful girl, ❤  I met her in Cologne a few months ago! 🙂

Dear cousin, please be a worthy member of our Van ’t Asbroek-family, now that you are on my stories-telling-page and on The Book of the human Faces where are as many doggies as humans! 😉 But surely because you live now with your new family! 😉 By the way: this Van ’t Asbroek-lady is very cat-friendly! Take me as an example over there, will you??!!!
And my dear cousin, enjoy your new life and your new family! Could you please write me some times to tell me the latest news?

Big hugs and love from your cousin! Wet kisses to all members of your family too and an extra hug for Hexe.

Kita Van ’t Asbroek

PS My mum got some pics of you, I show them here to make you a famous family-member! 😉 🙂



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