Like you to meet fighter and survivor… Mimi!

This morning on the beach, well I found a new business: the activity-stimulating-business! Yes, yes! What? You don’t know what I mean? It’s rather simply though, i’ll explain it yo you as you do at a three years old… that’s what my mum says in these situations if somebody does not understand her and she thinks it is simple! Ask her human pup! hahahaha!

This morning we met Mimi and her dad. Mimi is a very nice and friendly two years old girl, a Dutch shepherd. Dear Mimi has been very ill and spent a whole month in the doggies hospital near Liège. 😦  Four times the green clothes thought she would die within a few hours, but she was fighting very hard and… she is still here. She’s home for 2 weeks now and she has to regain force and muscles, her dad said. She needs to move a lot! 🙂
That’s why her dad brought her at the seaside for a holiday of three weeks. He walks her several times a day. But she needs more incentives to use more all her muscles.

Luckily this lady understands the language of my friend Mano (now at the Bridge with grandpa) and I decided to try to get her moving… Well, that’s what they call the activity-stimulating-business… it worked a bit and her dad was very happy! 🙂 ❤

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