I am back and… in the woodbusiness!

Dear grandpa Lennox

The weeks since my birthday were a kind of special and a bit of a hell!

Day before yesterday there was this very big storm, called Eunice… a lot of damage was done. Me and mum went to see a bit of it yesterday! 🙂 See pictures!

Yes, only a bit because i am still training my muscles! Why? Because I was ill, my belly is ill… I got pills that worked very well for my belly but they had side effects. After 2 weeks, i couldn’t get up anymore on my own… and not walk far! Mum was in a bit of panic, you know her! And me? I was thinking of you! I silently hoped i could get some of this doping you got several times! ;-) Remember, i was jealous of them! 😉 ;-)

Well, i got different pills, human pills! Go figure! And… i got this injection with your doping, they call it starsiden, or something.
Correct that, silly Kita, steroïdes!
As i said, grandpa, Starsiden!

The new pills are very effectif! Why humans always get the better things???? And now I am walking around again. Still tired quite soon and I sleep a lot, but mum says I am my sympathetic and stubborn self again! And very important: my poo is okay and my belly most of the time too!You can keep your paws crossed that my blood will be okay too in a few weeks!

Big hugs from the little one, the biggest one here now!

Kita van ’t Asbroek

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