Birthday girl!!!… 11 years old!

Dear Grandpa Lennox,

Yes, yes, I know you know it… Today is my birthday and I am 11 years old. A real grandma, says my mum

A few weeks ago we were at the seaside and me and mum tried to make some selfies for my birthday picture! That was real fun! Of course i acted like a fool, but so did mum. She will never learn to make a decent selfie. People passing by had even more fun than we! I show them all to you! Bloopers too!

How I am doing? Well, to tell the truth, not too good. Seems I have a special disease… They found out filming my bowel (IBD, for humans it is called Crohn) at a very nice place in Borsbeek, near Antwerp, with many green cloths. The filming green cloth was a very kind specialist lady. She prescribed me some very strong pils. Me and mum and dad and the française, we all hope i will get better soon. ❤
Really what will the parents do with that rascall when i am gone! I still have to teach her so much and keep her under control! Will be continued! Will write you soon, again!

Big, big hugs from your little one who is the biggest here now.
Lady Kita van ’t Asbroek

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