This old lady… caught in the act! Twice!

First of all: Happy New Year to you all! I was too busy to write earlier…

With this française in the house, a real rascall, I got the idea to try a few things myself. The parents never stay angry, i remarked, so…

First i was thinking to help a bit with the prewashing… although very forbidden. I told sissie Lizzie several times… Tried it… Bad idea!!!!!! Caught in the act! :-(

Then there was this very nice fleece blanket, to cover the boxes on which there was the christmas tree… Well, I tought i might chew a bit on a corner. I took the corner that was well hidden behind the box… you would not remark! Bad idea again! Caught in the act again! 😦 All this was in december…

So I decided to start the year 2022 better. No try outs again, i promised! 😉

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