New business!… Reporter on site!

Last months, but surely the last weeks, we witnessed something very special. Big works in our neighboorhood. We could not stroll around as we used too, it was special!
Mum talks about a stuntological tech!

A technological stunt, Kita, a technological stunt!

Yes mum, i know very well: a stuntological tech, I just said it.

Sigh… ppppfffff

We went to see the preparations. To help people cross, they build a bridge, we went up on it, to see the tech! What was it all about? They were building a water pipeline. Not special? Wait till you hear this: the water pipeline is more then 800 meters long and will go from the left bank to the right bank, UNDER the river Scheldt. Without digging or whatever! River Scheldt is 500 meters large here and more then 20 meters deep at low tide. And the pipeline goes under it!

And the we went to see it happen! They started early in the morning and at 6 pm, pipeline was UNDER the river! You see, it is a stuntological tech!

See pics and videos, you even can see the pipeline move in a video!
And now I am going tback to bed, it appears i am a bit ill But it does not show, does it?

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