In our house?… Strange habits!

You know, we have this française in the house: sissie Lizzie. Well, she has a strange habitude… well, more than 1, but i tell you about this one! In winter, to avoid wind is coming in, mum puts a rolled towel before the door. (she tried a nice, long dog, but as you can guess, the française ran around with it… shaking it…)
What does this sissie do with the towel??? Well, see the pictures!

Second habit, which mum calls strange, is mine… not strange at all, I think… lots of my friends do it, they told me. Even the française does sometimes… with her towel… 😉 🙂
Mum filmed it a few days ago… you will see it is normal…

And then this lady loves to walk around the block with some nice jewelry, so that the humans gently smile at me or even laugh… i love children pointing at me… Mum things that my jewelry is strange… well, judge for yourself and see the pics and movie

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