New business!… Reporter on site!

Last months, but surely the last weeks, we witnessed something very special. Big works in our neighboorhood. We could not stroll around as we used too, it was special!
Mum talks about a stuntological tech!

A technological stunt, Kita, a technological stunt!

Yes mum, i know very well: a stuntological tech, I just said it.

Sigh… ppppfffff

We went to see the preparations. To help people cross, they build a bridge, we went up on it, to see the tech! What was it all about? They were building a water pipeline. Not special? Wait till you hear this: the water pipeline is more then 800 meters long and will go from the left bank to the right bank, UNDER the river Scheldt. Without digging or whatever! River Scheldt is 500 meters large here and more then 20 meters deep at low tide. And the pipeline goes under it!

And the we went to see it happen! They started early in the morning and at 6 pm, pipeline was UNDER the river! You see, it is a stuntological tech!

See pics and videos, you even can see the pipeline move in a video!
And now I am going tback to bed, it appears i am a bit ill But it does not show, does it?

In our house?… Strange habits!

You know, we have this française in the house: sissie Lizzie. Well, she has a strange habitude… well, more than 1, but i tell you about this one! In winter, to avoid wind is coming in, mum puts a rolled towel before the door. (she tried a nice, long dog, but as you can guess, the française ran around with it… shaking it…)
What does this sissie do with the towel??? Well, see the pictures!

Second habit, which mum calls strange, is mine… not strange at all, I think… lots of my friends do it, they told me. Even the française does sometimes… with her towel… 😉 🙂
Mum filmed it a few days ago… you will see it is normal…

And then this lady loves to walk around the block with some nice jewelry, so that the humans gently smile at me or even laugh… i love children pointing at me… Mum things that my jewelry is strange… well, judge for yourself and see the pics and movie

New business… Houdini business…!

Well, i amuse myself these days… hahahaha… i am in a new business… the disappearing business!

No, silly, not really disappear! My mum would be devastated! No, no… the fun-disappearing-business! Hahahaha… i disappear in the background these days. Me and mum, we have fun!

So… See the pics! And… in 1 pic you really have to look very carefull!

Hurray!!!!… Autumn is definitively here!

Hoera!!!! Hurray!!! Yes, yes, yes… Finally! Autumn! ❤

That has consequences, of course… i often have to wear my raincoat… I do not mind the rain, but i do mind a bit the raincoat… surely when mum makes me to sit down when i am wearing it. I found a good solution: i do not sit down with the raincoat on. 😉 🙂

This morning we went out all packed,… mum calls it that way! First we were ready to leave, still dry.
Afterwards, when we came in, we were all wet. You see the difference?

And now we are in the dryer… hahahaha… that is what our crates are called when we are wet… hahahaha

PS You should remark I am not sitting down in the pictures, although mum told me so! Hahahaha… that is why this lady is called philosophically stubborn! When i am stubborn , i know why!!!! 😉

New business!… Jungle-guiding! ;-)

As you know, me and mum, we do not like summer, well, hot summers. We hate them…

This year though, we survived very well, it was a rather cool and wet summer, as we adore them… sorry, folks, this is how we see it!

Well, trees, plants, flowers do agree with us! Which means, i am in a new business… guiding my mum through the jungle to go to river Scheldt!
See for yourself!
To the end… to see the river!

July?… Fun and misery!

July was quite a busy month, my dogness!

First there was the fun fair, i already told you about it. In another story.

We went to the seaside too, before the fun fair! Only for 2 days, but it was fun!

Then I was sick! Imagine! Me! Ill! Mum and dad call me the drama queen! 🙂 I had diarrhea with blood and i had to vomit. Off to the green clothes… except, this time it was a lady in blue clothes! Think I like the lady, she is nice. Why? Yes, of course, i got treats that i was cracking slowly and then calmly eat them, leaving her floor as a mess… she even did not mind! Go figure!
Got a shot – in 2 times because it hurt!! – and a lot of pills for at home to cure the stomach and intestines infection.

While mum and the blue lady were talking, i lay down and wanted to nap on her floor. Nice floor and nice blue clothes there. Mum was very, very, very surprised! I walked out laughing too!

Then fun started! I do not eat pills, except when very, very well hided in a very good treat! And then i mean: a really good treat. So I was spoilt! 😉 Love that!

After a few days… end of the episode drama queen: back to the huge dogpark! We were all alone. Me and mum tried to take some selfies. We both were on our stomach in the grass… and laughed a lot… and made a lot of bloopers… you can laugh too! ❤

The last to days of the month we spent at our holiday and welness hotel Bernerhofje. We returned nicely groomed and very tired of the playing and the grooming. ❤

In the end, I have to say that July was quite a nice month after all. 🙂 ❤

Airelady? Also… fair-lady!

For my overseas friends, scroll a bit for the English version! Scroll a lot for the pictures! 😉

Vrouwtje, kijk eens daar! Kermis, zo heet het toch, hé?

Gaan we er naartoe? Ja! Fijn!
Nee, het luna-park is nks voor mij, ik wil eendjes vissen. Schieten? Nee, om geen waarom!!! Ik en mijn vrouwtje zijn tegen alle geweld!
Snoep? Natuurlijk! Yeeey!

De paardenmolen! Daar wil ik op, vrouwtje! Wat? Alleen voor mensenkinderen?
En als we het nu vriendelijk vragen aan die meneer daar? Kijk, hij lacht al naar mij…
Wat heb ik nu gezegd? Het mag, als er geen kindjes zijn! Joepie! ❤

Ik op de paardenmolen! Ja, echt. En de vriendelijke meneer maakte foto’s. En ik mocht ook op de foto met de vriendelijke meneer! 🙂

In English…

Mum, look, over there! What is going on? What do you say? The annual fair? Have I already been there? No?
Will we go there this year? Now that I am ten and a grandma? I will behave!

Yes, we go to the fair! Got to see a lot… Apparently a fair is for human children, not for aireladies like me…

Mum, I do not like this “luna-park”, too noisy… I really prefer fishing the little ducks! No, I do not want to shoot, I hate violence, just like you! And some candies? Yeeeey!!!!

And there is a merry-go-round for children too. Can I go on it too? No, why not?
Just ask the gentleman over there, he seems very friendly… look he laughs at me! You see?;-)

Told you! We just have to wait untill there are no children and then I can go on the merry-go-round too! Yes! 🙂

The very nice gentleman took some pictures! And mum took some of the mister of the merry-go-round too! With this airelady of course!

Thank you very much, mister of the fair-merry-go-round!

I proudly present… me, myself… and euh, some flowers

Everyday we walk a lot, several times a day. So, we are out and about a lot, me and my mum. Mum loves me, of course, but she loves flowers too!

Of course we meet a lot of flowers, in our neighbourhood, city or not! So me and mum got the idea to make a fototoot of me with the flowers. I like toots, surely with a lot of treats and when i am in the mood, I am very good in it.

I even can stay off the leash while pics are taken, city or not. I will not move untill mum tells me so! And yes, I am an airedale! A very well behaved grandma lady airedale! Stubborn though, sssstttttt… but not for fototoots!
Afterwards I need naps, of course! I am 10,5 years old, after all.

So, I proudly present you… me, myself (and mum somewhere) and the flowers…
Enjoy the pictures!

Mum, I tell you… way too small!

You know that my mum is in the crocheting business! Last week she was crocheting with red and white. I asked her what she was making: a little house… ?? Well, we will see!

When it was finished, she showed us… Mum, really, this house is way too small for me and sissie! Not for us? Yes, we already have our benche-houses… But who is it for?

For gnomes? Wait, I have to explain to the française, she is not a grandma yet, she does not know what a gnome is… will you help me? That is good! 🙂
Mum got the crocheted gnome and showed Lizzie… from far away… she might eat it…

And then we made this nice fototoot before the gnomehouse…

The toadstool, Kita, the toadstool!

Yes, yes, before the gnomehouse go to the gnomes. They need their house badly!
Mum, there are many gnomes!! Will this house be big enough? I tell you: way too small! 😉

PS To the human mum of the gnomes: thank you very much for the pictures of the little house with it’s residents! ❤