It’s a strange, strange world we live in… Covid-19!

Mum, listen, I am old enough to understand: just explain me what is going on!

Why don’t you say anything! Listen, this is all ridiculous! When we go out for a walk and your friend (my best ladyfriend in the building) comes with us, you walk almost 2 meter from each other. In stead of talking about your crochet work you are almost yelling about it. And then you are yelling a lot of time about this Carano-thing!

Corona-virus, Kita, Corona-virus!

Who is that, mum? Not who but what? Well what is it? A virus? Making people very ill? Making people die? My dogness! And that is why you walk that far apart? Not to be ill? Good! 🙂

Ooooh, and that is why the human pup did not come in to get the doggiefood?
OOOOOH, and that is why we cannot go to the groomer’s? And shops are closed and… 😦

I get it now, mum, why you were clipping our nails yourself and you were busy to “coiffer” the Française! Ppppffff…

Will this take long, this Carano-kwaran-thing?

Corona lockdown, Kita, Corona lockdown.

You think several months? Ppppfff, the Française will not like that… her long curls when spring arrives…. 😉


Stay safe! Stay healthy!

For those who know it… 😉

Unedited… untill now!

As my grandpa told me and showed me and taught me… He always made it very clear the eldest doggie is the boss in the household. And then you need your own space, big space!

So I never allowed the Française in the same bed with me, that is cristal clear! I only twice could stay in the same bed as grandpa too, you know! ❤

But my mum, she is stubborn. If she has the idea to photograph us in the same bed, well she will, be sure of that. She is worse than the most stubborn dale! 😉

Okay, let get us done with this. Get out the treats, okay? Off we go! 😉

Result is in the pictures below! She got what she wanted, back to normal life now! 😉



Birthdayparty… like nobody has ever had before!

Today is my birthday!!! Yes, me, lady Kita, I am 9 years old today! 9! That is nice, isn’t it?

A few days ago I was sniffing in one of my mum’s boxes. She puts little papers in it, for a year. Papers which were around yarn! She said i could have an inspection business and “swimming” party for my birthday!

Today i asked for the party! First she counted the papers! 541!!!! And then… well, see the pics and video!  🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ 😉
We shredded a lot!!!

Ooooh!!!!!!… Will this one stay?

Mum, this one will stay, no?
No???? Why not? He is not small! But small enough to fit with me in my crate when he can’t be naughty!
Why do you laugh so hard? He never will be naughty? Are you sure? 😉

Oh, he goes to England? At the other side of the sea we go to? That is far… yes. And he will leave soon? Okay: I wish him safe travels!

Are we going for a walk now? 😉

PS Mum is a bit proud on this one! No, no, not as proud as she is on me, her lady-girl! ❤ ❤ ❤



1 (one) longest tail, but… 4 (four) longest legs!!!!

This time, not much explanations needed! Remember the tail-extension 😉 of the tail of the Française? Well…

Without extentions!!!, it is me, lady Kita, who has the longest legs. Since years, mum calls me Miss long legs! And I ordered her to make a picture to show to you!

This Lizzie-girl has only one longest tail, and me?? I have four longest legs! ❤

Who wins, do you think? Yes, you are right! This mannequin-lady! 😉 🙂 ❤


Yihaaaa!… Yihaaaaa!… Yihaaaaaaaaaaa!

This morning mum was cutting the special treats! I knew it immediately: we are going somewhere special and off the leash too! That is when the special treats come too!

Off we went! 1,5 hour drive! But we arrived! I understood and needed to explain to the française: this is Rockanje! We will see a lot af dales. This is called an airedalemeeting! She remembered! Wow, she finally becomes a bit wise…

We had the whole beach! Dales everywhere! We ran a lot. Surely the française did. She ran and jumped around the double of me! 😉

In the end, when we came back to the café to have a drink and to eat, of course, she disappeared! Whistle from dad: no Lizzie. Mum calling her: no Lizzie. I thaught i had to intervene, so I barked two times! As I do at home when she is a bit naughty. Well? The française entered the scene again with a look on her face: what on earth is the problem. Go figure! Mum and dad were laughing too: she did the same thing last year, in Rockanje! She remembered! hahahaha!

Lots of pictures! Enjoy the lot! About 30 dales, mum thinks!

PS The française is the one with the red bandana! I have a white with coloured one!
PPSS One dad had treats! Just one dale behaved like a lady and was politely sitting and waiting for the treat! ME!!!!!!!



Attention!… New guy in town!

Last Tuesday, I had an appointment! At the huge dogpark! With a guy! And no, it is not what you might think! 😉

I was going to meet Jake! My dogness, what a guy! He is a border collie and is 11 weeks old! Well, the française could take him for an exemple! He is obeing his dad better than I ever did! Go figure! He is a nice guy, really is! An exemple to doghood, grandpa Lennox would say!

So, we were allowed to play and run. Not too long because he is so very young, that is not good for his young bones! And mum did take pics of course… as usual we were moving to much to have sharp pictures. We even played hide and seek with our parents! We run away and were hidden. You go look in the pics for us! I ordered mum to put all the pics here!!! 😉
And there is one, with Jake flying!!!!

At the end Jake was telling me a secret (no, I will not tell you, it won’t be a secret anumore) and he gave me a lot of kisses!

PS There even is a little film (at the end!), not too ladylike though but mum wants to put it here: all the pics for the video, she said! Deal, I said!



Weekend?… That is what you think!!!

Yesterday there was a parcel for mum in the mail! With someting special in it! Yes!
Airedales in the parcel! 🙂 Two heavy airedales!

Impossible you say? No, no, i tell the truth. 😉

This saturday morning it was raining cats and dogs. Yes, we have a raincoat, but still, we are quite wet: paws, tail, head. Than we have to go in our crate to dry, most of the time with the door open: training, mum is saying! We have to stay. For a saturday, I think this training is quite enough. 🙂

Not today!Mum did put the airedales before our crate and used the “AF”-word! That means: Do NOT touch, by all means, do NOT touch! Okay, mum, no problem for me, but… what about the française? 😦

I really warned her… I did! Stubborn mum never listens, she is even worse than an airedale terrier! Result? A third wet airedale! Proof is in the picture! 😉

Newsflash!…Me and mum…

… we have the same age now! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

Yesyes! Yesterday it was mum’s birthday! She received a lot of best wishes from all of MY friends! Go figure! We thank you for all these wishes, mum says to tell you!

Anyway, she is 62 years old now. That means we have the same age now! 🙂

You do not believe me? Listen carefully to this! Here we say that one doggie-year counts for seven human-years. So mum counts 62 human years and me too!
In january I will be nine years old. That means 63 human-years! But it is not january yet, so now I have 62 human years!
You see, I am as old as mum and mum is as old as me! And I supppose dad will agree, he often says that mum sometimes acts as a teenager… You see, it works in all directions! 😉 😉

And of course we stay the best of friends although we have the same age now!



Not possible… really not!!!

Mum, really, did you see that?

What, Kita, what?

No, you did not, I knew it! Just have a careful look at the française. You don’t notice it?

What should I notice?

Oh, my dogness, you really are silly! She went to the groomer-lady, with the golden hands… remember? Well, I think she did not only get a haircut!


I am sure she also got a tail-extension! Her tail is much longer than mine! 😦
I am the biggest lady here and my tail is shorter! Go figure!

You laugh? Take that pink ribbon you have, to measure things. Surprised? You see it! Her tail is 37 cm long and mine only about 29 cm. 😦

Next time I will be asking for a tail-extension too at the lady with the golden hands! Be sure! ❤

PS Pics are not too clear, I was too excited to keep my tail still! Was wagging all the time!
PPSS Mum measured in inches too… Her ribbon has two sides! 😉