Hurray!!!!… Autumn is definitively here!

Hoera!!!! Hurray!!! Yes, yes, yes… Finally! Autumn! ❤

That has consequences, of course… i often have to wear my raincoat… I do not mind the rain, but i do mind a bit the raincoat… surely when mum makes me to sit down when i am wearing it. I found a good solution: i do not sit down with the raincoat on. 😉 🙂

This morning we went out all packed,… mum calls it that way! First we were ready to leave, still dry.
Afterwards, when we came in, we were all wet. You see the difference?

And now we are in the dryer… hahahaha… that is what our crates are called when we are wet… hahahaha

PS You should remark I am not sitting down in the pictures, although mum told me so! Hahahaha… that is why this lady is called philosophically stubborn! When i am stubborn , i know why!!!! 😉

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