I proudly present… me, myself… and euh, some flowers

Everyday we walk a lot, several times a day. So, we are out and about a lot, me and my mum. Mum loves me, of course, but she loves flowers too!

Of course we meet a lot of flowers, in our neighbourhood, city or not! So me and mum got the idea to make a fototoot of me with the flowers. I like toots, surely with a lot of treats and when i am in the mood, I am very good in it.

I even can stay off the leash while pics are taken, city or not. I will not move untill mum tells me so! And yes, I am an airedale! A very well behaved grandma lady airedale! Stubborn though, sssstttttt… but not for fototoots!
Afterwards I need naps, of course! I am 10,5 years old, after all.

So, I proudly present you… me, myself (and mum somewhere) and the flowers…
Enjoy the pictures!

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