Fancy clothes… for recovering doggies

– “Dad! Ce n’est pas vrai! Do I have to wear this grandma’s undergarment? S’il te plaît!p1400996-85x100
– “I’m truly sorry, Lizzie, but you messed up and we have to clean your protective shirt.”
– “Ah, je n’aime pas ça du tout! I love my stylish lady’s shirt much better than this one!”
– “It’s only for a short while, Lizzie. Your blue shirt will soon be dry and ready for use.”
– “Je l’espère! I don’t fancy this one, surely not outside, during my walks. L’idée même!

[A few hours later]

– “Qu’est-ce que t’en penses, Kita? Do you like my protective shirt? What do you think?”
– “Phew! Do you really find yourself fashionable, petite française? I like my fur better.”
– “Tu parles! You desperately need grooming! More of a teddy bear than an Aire Lady!”
– “Who’s talking? We’re both scheduled for grooming in the coming month, you know.”
– “Très bien! I’ll look even prettier after that, with or without my new shirt, n’est-ce pas?”

[Lizzie admires herself]

– “You won’t be keeping it on, silly! It is only meant to anticipate you licking the stitches.”
– “Et alors? It looks good on me and I like it. Dad loves it too. He says he also wants one.”
– “Right! I can see him unbuttoning eight poppers every single time he goes to the toilet…”
– “Eh bien, Miss-Know-It-All, do you know what I think? I believe you are just… jalouse!”
– “Well, now, you little French ‘pain in the ass’! Come here, I’ll teach you a lesson or two!”

[Fierce Bitey-Face]

“Stop it! Both of you! Immediately! Rough play won’t be allowed for at least a few more days, so be patient. Here you are, each take a buffalo skin shoe to chew on, and keep quiet.”

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie






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