Obedience class… for dummies!

– “What was wrong with you, Kita? In restaurants we’re supposed to lie quietly under thep1400996-85x100 chairs and not move or make any sounds while Mum and Dad are eating, n’est-ce pas?

– “Oh, you are going to give me lessons in ladylike behavior now, are you, petite française? Do I have to remind you that it was you who didn’t come straight away after Dad used the whistle language yesterday? We were running free on the beach and you saw another doggie far away and you ran over there without paying any further attention.”

– “Ca alors! It was very, very windy and the sea was loud, and I couldn’t hear a thing, and moreover it was a very handsome petit garcon, and… and…” 😉

– “I myself ran to Dad every single time, and got all the treats he had in store for you. But you didn’t behave like a decent Aire Lady should, did you?” 🙂

– “ Toi, tu parles! Only this morning I was close to Mum and Dad all the time, while you were far away, out of reach, sniffing some dead fish or je ne sais pas quoi. You didn’t answer the insisting whistle language of Mum yourself, and I was the one who got all the treats.”

– “You’d better attend to our inspection business instead of worrying so much about the treats! An Aire Lady is supposed to be somewhat stubborn at times, there is no way about that.” 😉

– “Oh, you Miss-Know-It-All, tu sais vraiment tout, toi! You have an answer to everything! Eh bien, I prefer to be a well behaving Daddy’s girl than a stubborn Aire Lady…”

– “Although yesterday’s ‘deafness’ was rather impressive, I must say, and Dad didn’t seem to like your aire stubbornness very much either.”

– “D’accord! I see what you mean. We’re both of the same breed, c’est sûr.”

– “We sure are one of a kind, aren’t we? Well… friends again?”

– “OK! Friends again! Paws Up!” [aire high five] “Let’s go do some Bitey Face!” ❤

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie




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