Visiting… the Green Clothes!


– “Where have you been, petite française? Wait, you smell like… the Green Clothes!”p1400996-85x100

– “Laisse-moi, Kita. I’m all dizzy and shaky, I really don’t know what they did to me.”

– “I overheard Mum and Dad at noon. It has to do with your ‘heat’-thing, remember?”

– “Having to stay away from les garçons? That was it, n’est-ce pas? No babies for me?”

– “Right! I was cut open at the Green Clothes’ place too, when I was only 6 months old.”

– “ Tu parles! Did they cut you open? Did they do the same to me, you think? Ca alors!

– “You have this nice shirt on, because you have stitches underneath, that you can’t touch.””

– “Tu sais vraiment tout, Miss-Know-It-All! Eh bien, I do hope I’ll feel better tomorrow.”

– “You will, I’m sure. I remember I did. But you won’t be allowed to jump or play yet.”

– “Ce n’est pas grave, I don’t feel very much like it anyway. Laisse-moi, I’ll take a nap.”

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



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