New business!… magician business!

Me and my mum we decided we should go for some me-time. With this recovering française and all, you know, she has to stay calm! 😦

So off we went, only the two of us, to the huge dogpark.Very nice weather to walk, bright sunshine, but a bit cold. We don’t bother about that tough! I like this time with mum! ❤

Well, at the huge dogpark I started a new business! Yep, the magician-business! You do not believe me? Ha, mum got her black box and made a video to proof it!

What I did in my magician business? You know there is this big water at the end of the huge dogpark? Well, this time I did not go IN the water!
I WALKED ON the water! Yes, I did. Only, as usual, my mum panicked a bit: she thaught the magician-business would end abruptly so she called me back. 😦
And, I was not stubborn: I ran to her! Got a treat, even two! 😉




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