Run free, grandpa Lennox!… Run free!

Dear grandpa Lennox

This is all very strange. This morning you left, IN your bed! And now, even stranger: you are not here!
Mum says you went to see Grobber and Moohs. You went to the Rainbow Bridge, after 15,5 years in this world. She says you will be in the Bridge-world for ever!

She also says I should be very grateful for what you learned me. As mum and dad are very grateful for your long and beautiful life. But we’ll miss you. Tears will dry, she says, but we’ll still think about you!

So, give big hugs to my friends at the Rainbow Bridge! You yourself told me about this Rainbow Bridge… Enjoy your life there as much as you loved life here!

Adieu, grandpa, adieu!

With love and big lady-hugs,


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