So beautiful!… Thank you!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, it’s the little one again! And yes, I know I should not disturb you when you are busy. And you are busy, that’s what mum tells me. You’re nursing little ones, mum says! 🙂 You have experience… hahahaha!

But this is important enough to listen for a moment to this little one too!

Yesterday the doorbell rang! As you taught me I barked several times. That was okay but too many times… 😉
Anyway someone was bringing some beautiful flowers from another airelady very far away, and her mum and dad! For you! At the Rainbow Bridge! Isn’t that so supersupersweet! And because you can see them from there we can enjoy them too over here … We’ll think about you every time we see them!

Yesyes, I know, I bark “Thank you very much” as I should! I remember you told me!

Woof, waf, waf, woof! You see! 😉

Well now you know, you can go on nursing the little ones over there.

Big hugs and kisses from the little one over here

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