Life always goes on… Rainy-friday-fun!

Mum always says: “Weer of geen weer: een hond moet bewegen”. For all those far away friends, I’ll explain it. Translated it sounds as: “Weather or no weather, a dog needs to move”. I always think it is a bit stupid: there always is “weather”. Good weather or bad weather, but anyway there is weather.

Must say she always says this stupid thing when it is raining… Mayby it means: it rains. Why does she not say that? Grandpa could have known it, maybe… 😦

Anyway, there is no weather 😉 , it rains and we go out! We go for a good run in the huge dogpark, mum says, weather or no weather! Mum, please, talk a bit as a normal human! 😉

I was busy in the running business, and in the water business too! Good day today! 🙂 I even winked at mum! And I even tried to imitate Hunting Henry! 😉

… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… for the rest of the day… 🙂


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