500!… Start of a kind of new life, so back in time… and fun-clicks asked, aireforce!

It has been a special week, but this also is a special moment! Today I am telling you story number 500!

I told mum I wanted to do something special: this being number 500 and grandpa Lennox going to the Bridge this week and me making a different and new life… kind of.
Mum was sighing… She said I should look for an idea!

Mum, mum… remember! Remember when I and you, oh sorry, I should say ‘you and I’ grandpa always said… so when we had 400 stories? We asked every one to click on the picks to have 1000 clicks. Can’t we do that again to have 2000 clicks, from all over the world??? Please? You look for old pics on your tv-typing-machine: with me and grandpa and you… Sorry, with grandpa and you and me…
Friends will like that! Grandpa at the Bridge too: he can ask his new friends to click too??

Kita, they will be bored by so many pics!

No, no… don’t say that! We start with pics of today of me and my very big friend Marcel in the huge dogpark. Then we go back in time untill me being born! Yes, mum, yes! Islay and Hexe and Mr Bean and Endora, Dusty and Mauricee and Monty, Molly, Taffy and Winnie and Sam and Ike and Ina and Apollo and Gitte and Féline and…will like that too!

Okay, okay! Here we go!

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