4, 700… and 1!

Antwerp, 20th october 2015

Dear grandpa Lennox

Tomorrow, the 21st of october, it will exactly be one year since you left us for the Rainbow Bridge. In my eyes, that’s quite some time ago and I thought I should write you a letter to give you a bit of news! ❤

How are you doing over there? Did you meet all your friends of the dogpark-gang? And did you meet my oversea’s friends who came after you? I asked them all to say hello to you? Well, did they? 😉

And here? That’s quite a story!
We have been very, very busy! All my businesses are a nice success! Running business, inspecting business, water business, fishing business, bunny-chasing business, digging business… you know: I’m a very busy lady. You surely remember that! 😉

Oh, yes, I have to tell you this! You know mum is busy too, you know her! Yes, she still works at the library, but now, at home, she does less reading. What does she do? Well, she is crocheting a lot. Now I have to deal with all kind of new members in the household! Even a copyKita! Go figure! 😉
I add some pics with this letter, you’ll see! Since you are not here anymore, strange things happen!

Oh, my dogness, I can’t forget to tell this: you would have been jealous, my dogness, yes! I get new food these days! We get it in the shop of the human pup! And twice a week I get fresh meat out of the very, very cool box! My dogness, it is a pity you miss this. You should have stayed a bit longer! 😦 You were the eating champion, not me! But mum says, with this meat I get your habits… not too ladylike though! 😦

And this little one does something you never did! 😉 I go on escalators with dad! Go figure! You said I would never dare! You see! Proof is in the pics! And something else!!! I have met mini-buffalo-sheep! No, don’t laugh at me!! We are very good friends. Proof again in the pics. 😉

Yes, we were very busy! When you left for the Bridge, I told 500 stories! One year later, so that’s now, I told 700 stories! Again: proof is in the pics! Yes, grandpa, in four years time I told 700 stories! Seven hundred stories! You don’t believe me? As usual! You did not change a bit! Look for yourself on my storypage! 😉

And we got more then 3000 clicks on post 500! Did you see that from the Bridge? I add the link with all the memories of the two of us… so you can have a look at all those good times! You surely remember them all! ❤
At least, we do! Me, and mum an dad, we often talk about you! Dad often says you were a phenomenal dog, the best dog ever… I agree, if I’m also the best dog ever! 😉 🙂 Let’s put it this way: in this household you were the best doggie-sir ever and I am the best doggie-lady ever! 😉

Grandpa, it’s getting late and it’s bedtime over here. Are you still awake up there, at the Bridge? Anyway: goodnight to you all over there!

Big hugs and wet kisses,

Kita, better known by you as “the little one”

PS Here is the link with all the memories… ❤   Memories



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