Me?… Having the strangest friends???

Grey mornings on the beach aren’t that bad at all! This morning was grey but I had fun! 🙂

From far away mum can see what I’m up to, she always says! She calls that body language! Whatever: ppssst-language, whistle-languaga, body-language… I don’t care about that! Or maybe a bit about the whistle-language: that means treats! 😉

So, she saw it immediately that I found a new friend to play with! She was taking pics… she sometimes does… accidently… Mum says I have to show the pics: other mums and dads will understand the body language! What on earth is she talking about? 😉

Anyhow: she saw from far away that I was playing with a new friend and she hurried to come and see it! 🙂 And then she filmed! And we did put my friend back where it belongs… that’s what mum wanted!!!! 😦
I was looking for him afterwards, but did not find him!

PS Mum says I also should tell I swallowed a dead very little one like that later on… 😦 Result: end of the grey-morning-fun! On the leash!!!

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