Hurrah! Hoera! Hourra!… You did it!

Mum had to help me! Really, she has a lot of explaining to do since grandpa can’t do it anymore! Today we had a lesson in maths! She explained how to count the clicks! My dogness! Difficult, difficult!!

We started the clicks-business on the 25th of october at 23.00 hours. In one hour time we got 979 clicks (above on the 421 clicks we already had that day on another post). October 26 we counted 1987 clicks till 23.00 hours that day! That makes 2966 clicks! Mum says that’s almost 1000 more than 2000. And today a lot of friends (897) were clicking too so I told mum to count these too, of course!
That makes a total of 3863 clicks on this one post, a real time travel, one friend called it! Thanks a lot, you all! My maths did approve a lot with this clicking business! 😉 And it was fun to see the reactions… ❤

After the maths-lesson, I saw dad with grandpa’s bed. He did it put high up. I asked him if it was really grandpa’s bed. Yesyes! We keep his bed without him in it? I suppose he has a very large comfy bed at the Bridge.
Anyway, his bed is wel occupied now! That was mum’s idea! Sometimes she has great ideas! Remark the word sometimes!! 😉

So she did put many of her little fluffy friends in grandpa’s bed, high up there! It is so cute and funny! I like it. I even could enter the bedroom for the fototoot! My dogness… I’m a bit spoiled these days! Sssssttttt. … 


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