Summer in the middle of autumn… and about youthful hubris!

Because I was so exhausted on wednesday, mum said I have to show you how I do that! Getting myself in such a “state”. Grandpa, who laughed so much at me, he agreed with mum! He said, still laughing, that the little one should not be pityed that much by all her friends! He said I do it all by myself, just having fun. Friends do not have to show pity for having too much fun! 🙂 That’s what grandpa says…

So this morning we went to the huge dogpark again and mum was filming a lot! Grandpa came too a little later and even did some running. He stopped in time, he said, not to be that exhausted.
And we played with the other doggies too! Today Seppe tried to play with grandpa who was not in the playing-mood, so I distracted him… Grandpa thought that for once I did the right thing… 😉

We were in the dogpark for a very long time! Gues what? Other mums and dads were telling my dad that sometimes there comes another airedale, a sir named ‘Bear’. We are all very curious and we want to meet him, of course.
Grandpa was only sighing and groaning: Two of these specimen getting too exhausted??? My dogness!


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