Wednesday… exhausted!

Wednesday afternoon me and mum went to the huge dogpark! That’s a great idea and it was fun! I ran a lot and I met friends! I met one of my very first friends I made here on the left bank of river Scheldt: Chérie! That’s French for ‘darling’!

But there were things which were less fun! 😦 
First of all, I had to listen to mum’s complaints about the weather. Well, not really about the weather (weather was beautiful for an autumn day!!) but about her bad choice of clothes! Too hot, she said. She finally put out her coat, after all this complaining! I told her: I can’t get rid of my coat, for me it is as warm as for you, but she did not mind!

Anyway, I was running in the little wood in the middle of the huge dogpark… Mum filmed a bit. And afterwards I was playing with other doggies and with Chérie.
We also enjoyed the colours of the trees, leafs are colourful, mum says! I don’t see colours, so I believe her! I smell the good autumn smells!

Finally we went home and I was tired, very tired. But we still had to walk more than half a mile. Too much for me. I wanted to rest… maybe mum would carry me, just as she did when I was a baby?
No way, she said. I had to go on! Stubborn me wanted to rest! Okay, said mum, I make a video of you and your stubbornness! As you wish, mum!
Anyway, she took me by the harness, the red one and I had to go on with her! She always wins! ALWAYS! And now I am a bit ashamed that she will put the video in this story… 😦 Not lady like. In Dutch there is a saying: Eigen schuld, dikke bult. Which means: own fault, you pay for it…

And grandpa? He laughed and laughed and laughed… 😦 Said he could remember this of his youth! He calls it youthful hubris! Don’t know that word, me… he is wise, my grandpa! He knows a lot! 😉


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