Did my mum a favour… played with her!

This morning – it was still a bit dark – me and mum were in the little dogpark. No other doggies, but I was amusing myself sniffing around and keeping an eye on all the passing people.

But mum was a bit bored! She wanted to play. What does she like? She likes throwing! She likes throwing this little toy. Of course she does not like fetching it. And the thing will not come all by itself back to her so that she can throw again! Figure that out mum, before you throw! No… she did not understand that! 😦

So I did her a favour: I stopped my own activities and played a bit with her. She throwed and I got the toy for her, brought it to her so that she could throw again. Mum was a bit surprised I understood the game… Of course I understand! But I don’t like it at all! Normally I refuse to play this stupid game… but mum was so bored I did her this pleasure… today!

And she really was pleased! I was surprised she was so very pleased. I even got treats and she called me her darling girl!!! That is interesting to remember! But after 8 or 9 times, I got bored of this game I really don’t like. Mum had her pleasure: that’s that!  And I went back to mine: sniffig around… 😉


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