Proud to present you… my new friends!

Promised you yesterday, I would present you my new friends! I told mum which pics to choose and I put the comments with them. Just click on them to read everything! 🙂

There is also 5 secs of video to show how we played for half an hour, but the blinking box went on strike, mum says. Don’t know what that means, but mum normally knows what she says! Normally… 😉


      • she’s making the cutest sleep noises right now. she does that when one of us gets out of bed. as soon as one of us returns, it’s back to quiet and the occasional happy snore.

        she had a big day at the dog park today. she met up with some of her best friends, paul, karl and his dad danger. she really get them all running and happy, just like kita!

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