Oh no, very sad news… for Gracie and her family!

I have a special far away friend in Michigan: Gracie. From her I learned that you better not get on a list… 😉

But now, my far away friend Gracie must be very, very sad! Her big sister went to Grobber. Grobber was my big friend at the dogpark! He went away for never returning, more than a year ago. My mum says he is at the RainbowBridge now.
I don’t know where that is but my mum says it is  a very nice place for dogs. There is Grobber and now Sadie is there too! Mum, tell Gracie and her humans that tears are not necessary: Sadie is fine at the RainbowBridge. Will you send some kisses from me to Gracie, please, mum?

Run free Sadie and will you give some hugs to Grobber too?

A picture of beautiful Sadie:



  1. Amai, zit hier in tranen achter m’n computer….zo triest, en de manier waarop jij dat kan verwoorden…we zullen onze meiden nog maar eens een extra knuffel geven zeker ? xx

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