Busy and little bit strange… this saturday!

It started this morning after the playtime in the dogpark. I was tired and wanted to sleep! No way! In the car! ohlalalala… We were going to the place with the people in the green jackets! Oh no! My weight? 23,2 kilograms (55 lbs, 51,1 pounds if my mum’s calculations on internet are correct…). Very well, said the doctor!
The second part was not my cup of tea! The vaccinations! 😦 I made a lot of noise with the second prick!)
Third part: the best one! I get the treats! (And mum pays the bill! 😉 )

In the afternoon we went to mum’s hairdresser. She lives in Ranst. That’s a small village at about 12 kilometers from home. My mum lived there as a child and young lady. We were too early and my mum said she wanted me to meet some nice people.

Okay, I come: I always want to meet nice people. We stopped at a large stone. Where are the nice people, mum? Mum explained that she had a mum and dad too. And her mum and dad are at the RainbowBridge for many, many, many years. Little bit sad, I think. I closed my eyes a moment: an airedale lady knows when she has to show some respect!

After that we passed by the church. Mum also showed me the house where she lived long ago with the nice mum and dad of the RainbowBridge. And then we went to the hairdresser, a very long walk! I like it there: my little friend Suske is so nice!

And now I have to rest! I’m really tired! Zzzzzzzzzzz


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