Big surprise! :-) … But not for me! :-(

A man brought a very big box today! Grandpa Lennox and me, we are very curious. We want to know what’s in it. My dad doesn’t want to open it! Why not? It’s for my mum! We have no luck: mum is not at home! She is in her library! So, we have to wait! 😦

Finally, dad says we are going to the park and we’ll wait for the tram that brings mum home! There she is! We’ll know what’s in the box soon!!

Mum is very surprised! She doesn’t expect a package now, she often does, but not now! 😉 She says she can’t open it with a knife, she says that she finds that ‘bizarre’! Who is that? Bizarre? Is there a dog in it? With the name Bizarre?

She pulls the plastic of the box  and opens it and… ohohoh… me is running away! What’s that? So big, it comes out of the box by itself! Help! Wafwafgrrgrrr. Mum, get out of the way! Maybe the thing will hurt you! Quick! Wafwaf!

Mum laughs and reeds the paper! It’s coming from the Netherlands, from Aura! You know, I already told you about… (

Told you already that my mum works in a library. Well she started that first library 5 years ago, and the second, one year ago. Next week, the other librarylady and my librarymum celebrate those birthdays! That’s why the big thing arrives from the Aura-people!

Kita, look! They are so nice, the Aura-people! Cheers!

Hey, Aura-people: I say hello to you too with lots of paws and kisses! And my mum says: thanks! I think she likes your Cheers: she makes pics with the blinking box! 🙂

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