Lots of puppies!… My help not appreciated!

Was taking a sunday afternoon nap when mum got me companians on my blanket.

Mum, what are we going to do? Tell me, will you? Seems we go on the terrace with the plants. That’s not new…
My goodness, look at that! Do you hear it too, mum? No, she doesn’t, until I jump on her plants! She screams! No harm done, luckily!

Where do they come from, all those puppy-plants. I’m going to inspect that. This very little one is cute, I like to play with this one! 🙂

Kita, stop it! Now!

Okay, will go elsewhere! Ha, two pots I can shredder for the dustbin. Nice exercice for my teeth! 🙂

Kita, stop it! Now!

My help is not appreciated, I will continue my nap, outside!
Oh, what? What does she say my mum? Shower? Oh no, I’m gone! 😉
Seems not to be for me but for the mums and te puppies! 😉

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