Dogs not allowed :-( … in the vegetable garden…

Finally, this terrible week with lots and lots of work for my mum is over! Yihaaaa! So my mum is at home for some time! 🙂 It’s a whole day or something!

Holiday, Kita! Holidays!!!

Mum, what’s on the program for today? What do you say??? You want to get some rest now? I really had enough rest last week, really, mum! Yes, I know we already went to the dogpark for more than an hour! 😉

Lunch on a terrace at the left bank of river Scheldt? That’s allright… I get a treat, yes? A nice bone? Okay, that’s a deal!

And afterwards we visit mum’s human pup, who isn’t a pup anymore! 😉 She started a new vegetable garden this year and my mum and dad want to see that, and not only the pictures! But I am a little angry and disappointed! Dogs are not allowed in that garden! Shasta and Goofy (my friends!) can’t go to see the vegetables, neither can I! I get a strawberry? Okay, I’m not disappointed anymore! 😉 Mum, when do you start growing strawberries? I’ll help you, that’s for sure!

Kita, we have no garden!!!

(If you want to see more pics, have a look over here: 🙂

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