Me? Nosy? Curious?… Never! Just want to see everything!

Holidays? Mum is running around the house and doing all kind of stuff! She says she has no time for all that running when she is at work. I don’t understand! One minute she wants some rest, the other minute she is running around…

I like it. I follow her everywhere and I take a look at whatever she does. I’m an interested girl. BUT… some places I can’t go! Two places we are not allowed, my grandpa Lennox and me! Bedroom and bathroom are forbidden areas. That’s a pity! A real shame it is. My grandpa doesn’t bother, he says he’s used to it and I should be too, after more then two years. Well, no!

I always try to peep in! 😉 And when I have to stay upstairs with dad when mum is running around or when she’s leaving, I keep an eye on that too, on top of the stairs! 😉

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