Winter!… And the white stuff!

It does not happen very often… really not! Not every year, in fact! But this time, we got some of it a few days ago! What? Well, the white stuff! Mum calls it snow. 😉

The française seems to like it, mum said when dad was not home and she went out with her. Me? No, not that much, although I need to do my inspection business, also when there is the white stuff everywhere… 😉

So, when the white stuff stopped falling down, me and mum went out. When it is still falling, we go out too, but the red blinking does not! 😦 Mum says it will break down when white! 😦

Kind of fun, this time, although we did not go too far, only 1,5 km. Something is wrong with mum’s paw, that’s to say: her foot. She can’t go too far! 😉

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… ❤

PS it was very high tide too, the water used the whole extra space!



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