Ugli?… Who is Ugli?

Few days ago, mum came home from the supermarket… No, I cannot go there, silly, i’m not allowed! So me and the française were inspecting her bag. She said she brought Ugli with her!

Mum, who on earth is Ugli, I do not see him! What? Not who but what?? Mum, listen, could you please talk some sense… this is not to understand. 😦

In the afternoon, she called me and said: this is an ugli. That’s a new fruit, mum? Are we going to eat this new ugli-thing? Ooh, good, we’ll see. Mum said she could taste it in the supermarket, lady there gave her a piece and it is yummie? We’ll see! 😉

Mum, this is a bit like an orange? Or a grapefruit? I can smell! Both? I think so too. Can I have a part? I first smell and when i think it is okay, than I eat! So I did! MMMm… yes, yummie! Then came the française, she was not to keen on it… I stayed!!!! And i winked: we eat this, the two of us! 😉 ❤



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