No dog park?… Playtime anyway!

p1400996-85x100– “Qu’est-ce qui se passe, Kita? What is going on? Why is our playground gone? How are we supposed to go about our daily fighting and Bitey-Face business with our doggie friends?” 😦

– “This happens every year, little française. All my national and international friends know about it already, I told them last year. The humans go in the running business for one day.”
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– “Je ne comprends rien! Can’t they run and play in our dog park too, comme nous, if it really need be? Why do they take down our dog park and build all kinds of constructions there?” 😦

– “Nothing we can do about it, sissie… For the time being, we’ll just have to settle for a few daily walks on the leash, until this bizarre Marathon & Ten Miles running thing is over.”

– “Eh bien, ça alors! I get quite upset et assez contrarié when I meet our doggie friends on the leash! I want to play with them and they obviously want to play with me too, bien sûr.”

– “You don’t say! I just saw you with our big neighborhood friend Filou. You went into some kind of frenzy, all pulling and barking… Don’t think Dad appreciated it much, though…”

– “Je m’en fiche! Filou was also excited to see me and we always play a little rough when we meet. Rien à faire, c’est comme ça. Do you think I like this tangling of leashes? Mais non!

[Fierce Bitey-Face in the living room]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



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