Breaking news!… Very exciting trip!

Ooooh, I really want to tell this to the whole world! I did something very new! I’v been in the car, on trams, on trains, in busses, on metros… I was thinking I knew everything! So: no!!! 😦

Today me and mum had a splendid idea and we only could have it today! It is not possible otherwise! Now you are curious, aren’t you? 😉

Today it was the day of the Antwerp Marathon and Antwerp 10 miles! This morning when we came from the huge dogpark we had to watch the Maraton: could not cross the street to go home! It was raining though! 😦

This afternoon, for the afternoon walk: we went to take a look at the 10 miles. But that’s not what we did! We crossed the river Scheldt on a boat! I’ve never been on a boat before! How come? Normally there are no ferries on the river Scheldt. But today about thirty at fourty thousand humans had to cross to come to the left bank for the miles. And tunnels were not available: cars forbidden, today tunnels were for the runner’s. So, there were ferries! Not far from our home! 🙂

Mum said: come on girl, to the city it’s not too crowded, let’s go! Enjoy your maiden trip!
I did! 🙂 ❤ I was the star on the boat! 😉

Tonight everything is dirty and services are cleaning with full power… 😦

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