Showtime!… Citytrip with fototoot!

Well, today I was very proud of myself and not only because mum was proud of me. No, I just was very proud about myself and my manners and our citytrip! 🙂

We went in town, in the old city with all the shops. Of course with my new collar and leash! 😉 Mum thought it started badly! Not me! We went to the metro. When we got on it, a little doggie started barking 8 rows before us, a JRTerrier, mum says. He kept barking all the way. I lay down, looked around and really got bored of all the barking, as did the humans. Little one was stubborn and a disgrace to the terriers! So I produced just one low bark (mum was displeased!) but… the barking of the little one stopped! Had to show who is the king of the terriers and he understood! Humans all pleased with my help! ❤ Mum had a good laugh – afterwards of course!

Then we went to the shop with the cotton and colours and stuff. Mum calls it Veritas. The kind lady was there! The one who helped to choose the airedale colours a time ago. She recognised me: of course she did! 😉 Mum asked if we could fototoot! Oh yes, of course, she said! Take your time! We did! I wanted to be alone in the pics without all the buying humans… my storypage is about doggies, not humans, you see! 😉 Although there are exceptions, I admit! 😉

And then we came home on foot! All the way! A long way! Long walk and long fototoot! Explanations are with the pics! Although I have to say it myself: I was a very good fototootmodel today! I’m proud of myself! 😉

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