New in town!… Sooooooo cute!

New in town yes, but already a few months! This new one is now almost 9 months old and we already saw him many times on our evening walk! But mum never had the red thing or the black thing ready! ggggrrrrrr. 😦

I understand what the little one says but mum does not understand the dad too well: he speaks a lot of Russian and a bit of Dutch. In the end they manage with the help of some English and some French! Have to say doggie language is much more universal! 😉

So yes, yesterday, she had the black talking thing in her pocket! This wire fox terrier cutie just went to the groomer’s for the first time in his life and was a bit shy. Me and mum told that was not necessary! Mum is so fond of wire foxies, almost as fond as of airedale ladies! And that means something! 😉

But so am I! ❤ Love this little one! ❤



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