Tonight we were in the middle of… river Scheldt!

… or almost… maybe I exaggerate a tiny bit… 😉 🙂

Listen! After dinner me and mum went for our walk! That’s normal. We walk near the river Scheldt when it is not dark yet. That’s normal too.

But then… that was not normal! River Scheldt was on the road! No red or black thing, no boots… Okay, back home: not normal at all!
But we went back with the red thing and boots on, and we tried to cross the river Scheldt on foot! 😉 No way… we were in the middle of it! We really had to turn back! 😦

We went to see the part where were the letters and the ducks! Home of the ducks all under water! Duck refugees were floating on the river! 😦 Poor guys! Actuality everywhere… 😦
But this duck-guys and duck-girls can go back when tide is low again… For the poor humans in other countries? That’s another story, mum says!

We got home safe and dry, we! ❤

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