Ohohoh… not seen before!!!

You know my sissie Lizzie, the française!!! She is not afraid of anyone, and not afraid of any kind of dog! She always runs to every dog with the speed of a rocket, without thinking. 🙂
Told her a thousand times: think twice! Act as a lady and look first to who you are runing. Me, for example, I do not like German Sheperds: so, I have a good look if the doggie that is approching is not a Sheperd.
Not the française! 😉

And then I had this very good laugh!!! I really did! You remember my friend Jazzy, of the beach strolls? My very BIG friend Jazzy? Well, this time I run off with the speed of a rocket, so did Jazzy! ( My friend Jazzy )

And then, we had a laugh!!! The fearless française didn’t dare to approach Jazzy! What a fun we had! She run after Jazzy but always kept a big distance! Told mum to get some evidence! hahahaha! Still laughing at her! lol
Never seen before!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 




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