Into… the eco-flying business!

All right! With this française in the house, there are new business possibilities! Listen to this! 🙂

We spent many, many days at the seaside. I’m ot in the counting business, that was grandpa Lennox’s business! ❤

Anyway, we often went to the beach! I thaught Lizzie to fly! I only had to show her once. My dogness, she is quite good in it, better than me! Super!!! 🙂 ❤
At least she is excellent in one business! Pppfff, quite a relief for me as business-airelady! 🙂

And mum, she gets better and better! She found a new feet-thing on…

Feature, Kita, feature!!!!

So with this new feet-thing  on the red blinking thing, she can make pictures of the flying! ❤


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