Yeeeey… Fun with Jazzy!

Yes, yes, I know that one… and off I go! I recognize my friends “tout de suite”. Mum did not see it immediately but when I go to say hello to a friend I already know… she reads my body language well! I don’t hesitate at all! I go right away, through the water! 🙂

Hello Jazzy, my dogness, you really did grow a lot! You are a handsome, my dear, and so kind! Yesyes, let’s play a bit… mum will show up in a moment to make a fototoot, as she did in july! 😉

While the mums were talking in the language of Mano (at the Bridge now) – they call it French – we were running and playing a lot! Oh yes, we did. It’s a pity not all pics are good – against the sunlight are something! But there are lots of them … hahaha, yes, Jazzy, you are bigger, lot bigger but I can run as fast as you! You can not catch me! 😉

Love playing with you, Jazzy, see you next time on the beach! ❤

PS As always, don’t get dizzy of the movie… mum was walking again, while filming! Somebody should tell her not to! 😉



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