Sunny afternoon with… Rocky!

Yeeey, Friday afternoon! Sun!! Huge dogpark!

That resumes it all? No, not at all! I met a new little friend, a little one! 🙂

Little Rocky is afraid of big dogs, so when I arrived Rocky was on the leash. That’s funny in the huge dogpark, a dog on the leash.
It took mum some time to come too, as you know, she is much slower than me. I’m in the running business, she isn’t! But the dad of little Rocky explained it! Rocky is afraid of big dogs. When this cutie sees a big dog, Rocky tries to be invisible and  starts running, right to the car, parked far away… Even I understand that such a thing is dangerous.

Mum explained that I’m very good with small dogs and normally they are not afraid. For once, I did not do the barkingtalking, Rocky could get afraid… 😉
So little Rocky got off the leash and I was teaching him not to be afraid: we played a bit, we run a bit and we played hide and seek!!!! A lot of hide and seek! This little Rocky is so cute! What a darling! Hope Rocky will come often!! ❤


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